Indonesian Ecotourism Promotion at the Tourest Travel Trade Fair 2019, Tallinn – Estonia

Piring Dance from West Sumatra, Indonesia, on Tourest 2019 main stage

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Helsinki participated in promoting tourism destinations in Indonesia, Bali and also Beyond Bali in the Tourest Travel Trade Fair 2019 held on 8-10 February 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia. In Tourest 2019, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism also cooperates with 4 (four) tour operators to participate by offering various kinds of Indonesian tour packages and destinations.

Estonia’s Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Rene Tammist.

Tourest 2019 was officially opened by Estonia’s Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Rene Tammist who was accompanied by the Director of the Tourism Board of Estonia, Margus Sameli and also Vice President of Estonia Tourist and Travel Association, Kulli Kuring. Tourest 2019 was participated by 30 countries with a total of 533 participating exhibitors.

In addition to promoting tourism destinations, Indonesia’s participation in Tourest 2019 is also to promote a variety of Indonesian cultures and premium single origin Indonesian Arabica coffee such as Mandailing, Toraja, Bali and East Java. Indonesia’s presence in Tourest 2019 was strengthened by the performance of Indonesian culture of Sekar Jagad dance, Piring dance and Sasando musical instruments on the main stage which managed to amaze the visitors. While the cultural performance at the Wonderful Indonesia booth is always greeted with extraordinary enthusiasm from the visitors.

At Tourest 2019, a well-known Estonian blogger and traveler, Almer Ansu, sponsored by Turkish Air, officially announced the opening of a direct flight of Turkish Air flight from Istanbul to Bali, Indonesia in mid-July 2019. The announcement was made in the Tourest 2019 Traveler’s Club program. In the program, Almer Ansu promoted Bali as a tourist destination that not only offers coastal tourism destinations and beautiful cultural charm but also a healthy lifestyle through yoga holiday programs that are widely available in Bali.

Indonesian Ambassador, Wiwiek Setyawati Firman, interviewed by Tallinn TV Estonia

Fascinated by the Indonesian booth and various Indonesian dances and Sasando music, Talinn TV, one of Estonia’s national TV stations and Kuku radio, asked for an interview with the Indonesian Ambassador to Finland and Estonia, Wiwiek Setyawati Firman. In the interview, the Ambassador emphasized the progress of the tourism sector for the Indonesian Government not only to advance the economy. Many other sectors are lifted under the tourism program, which participates in building mutual understanding between cultural diversity in the world, introducing the protection of endangered species in Indonesia, the preservation of rainforests, and the wealth of natural tourism in Indonesia (ecotourism).

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