On a sunny day on August 18, 2018, the Indonesian Embassy in Helsinki held an Independence Day Bazaar and Festival as part of the commemoration of the 73rd Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. Opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Patrick S. Hasjim as the Chair of the Independence Day Commemoration Committee.

The bazaar and festival then officially opened by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Wiwiek Setyawati Firman, by making symbolic purchases at one of the bazaar stands. There nine booths participating namely DIFE, Java Kitchen, Indonesian Students Association Finland (PPI Finlandia), Dapoer Iboe, Indonesian Women Association (DWP), IMMI, Nusantara, MAKRO IF, and Bakoelan Yessy. The booths sells variety of Indonesian food and snacks, including satay, gudeg, fried rice, kapau rice, traditional snacks, and various drinks such as cendol and es doger.

The event began with the announcement of the winners of various competitions and sports competitions that had been held earlier on August 12, 2018, for the category of children and adults. Special appearance was performed at the stage by Ms. Ni Putu Diah Astriningsih, a dancer from Bali, by dancing Balinese dance Teruna Jaya. Ms. Diah also works as a dance teacher at the Indonesian Embassy in Helsinki for Balinese dance short course program during August 2018. The Indonesian community in Finland also do various performance at the stage.

The bazaar and festival was closed with a door prize drawing and performance of Manuk Rawa dance by Ms. Diah and Ms. Laura Bolqia.

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