Indonesian coffee in the major Estonian retail chain stores, Rimi

Selection by Rimi coffee

Indonesia is one of the top coffee producers in the world. Coffee in Indonesia has played an important part in growth of the country. Indonesia is located within an ideal geography for coffee plantation, near the equator and with numerous mountainous region across the islands, creating well-suited micro climate for the growth and production of coffee. The best Indonesian coffee comes from the prime coffee-growing region of Sumatera, Java, Bali, Flores, Sulawesi and Papua. In general, these coffees are known for their full body, rich taste and vibrant and long last flavor in the mouth. Coffee is a mainstay of plantation commodities in Indonesian economy and constitutes a contributor of the country’s non-oil and gas foreign exchange revenues.

Indonesian coffee (Java Coffee) now can be found in the major Estonian retail chain stores, Rimi. The Selection by Rimi coffee is made from the highest quality Arabian beans grown in a particular region and characterized by its typical taste and aroma. Based on the information from Rimi website, coffee beans grown in Indonesia on the Java Island are as saturated as tastes and smells as tropical islands. The hot sun in the south of the country has given it sweetness and flavor, and tropical forests, however, are exotic spells and rickety notes. Beans are suitable for home-made espresso-coffee making and grinding, giving the maximum freshness effect.

The ability of Indonesian coffee to enter Estonian market, and European market in general, clearly signifies the proficiency of Indonesian coffee in complying and conforming with various sets of quality standard and certification such as Direct Trade, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, Organic Coffee etc. Coffee plantation in Indonesia has been implementing of sustainability coffee, and puts great attention on related issues such as: Environmentally friendly with shading tree, Preventing of erosion, Water sources, Source of livelihood for generation and empowerment of the farmers and the surrounding communities.


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