Indonesian and Estonia Signed Cooperation Contract for the Adoption of Mobile Positioning Data (MPD) Methodology for Border Areas


On October 27, 2017, the Ambassador of Indonesia and a delegation from the Ministry of Tourism visited the Estonian Tourist Board and the company Positium in Tallinn, Estonia. The meeting was also attended by the CEO of Positium, Mr. Erki Saluveer and the Head of Research and Development of Estonian Tourist Board, Mr. Juhan Anupõld. The purpose of the meeting is to finalize a negotiation which was followed by the signing of cooperation contract on ”Quality Assurance Framework and Methodology Concept Development for Mobile Positioning Data”. With this cooperation, Indonesia hopes to better observe the influx of foreign tourists, especially through the border areas of Indonesia which do not have yet immigration checkpoints.

On this occasion, the CEO of Positium, Mr. Erki Saluveer welcomed the cooperation undertaken by the Government of Indonesia c.q. the Ministry of Toursim and Positium to conduct an audit of MPD data that will be applicated in Indonesia. With this achievement, Indonesia will become the second country after Estonia to implement this technology.

The Ambassador of Indonesia who represented the Deputy for International Tourism Market Development of the Ministry of Tourism expressed her appreciation to Positium for its cooperation with Indonesia. This bilateral cooperation is regarded the the right thing to do for Indonesia, because Estonia is a highly developed country in IT, and the application of MPD technology could support the increase of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, including the ones from Estonia, and also support the development of Indonesian border.

The Head of Research and Development of Estonian Tourist Board, Mr. Juhan Anupold, gave an explanation on the profile of the Estonian Tourist Board, which is a government agency engaged in the promotion of tourism in Estonia through the suply of statistical data, market intelligence, quality management, and training to the stakeholders in the tourism sector. The Board is also using Positium’s MPD technology when compiling statistical data of foreign tourists visiting Estonia.

The Delegation of the Ministry of Tourism was led by the Head of South East Asia Market Strategy, Mrs. Sumarni, who delivered a presentation on the aim and purpose of using MPD technology in the tourism sector in Indonesia. MPD technology will be implemented in 76 border areas located in 25 districts which do not have immigration checkpoints.


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